Babongo makes it easy being green
Welcome to Babongo. We offer original products to suit an inspirational 'green lifestyle'. Our products are made with respect for people and planet. 

Why green and fair? 
Here at Babongo we love to travel, we love nature and we love people. We enjoy the diversity of our planet and its inhabitants and we would love to continue enjoying it. We feel the next generations to come should to be able to do so too. 

Who are we?
Babongo was set up by Nicole Blaak, creative, idealist optimist. 
We enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things, just like you. We would like to show you that green, fair and pretty go well together. Kermit (the frog) once said: 'it`s not easy being green`. These wise words are used worldwide to indicate it isn't easy to live a 'green' life. Our products make it a lot easier and fun!   

We work with people inside and outside the Netherlands, where we are based, who make lovely products and choose their materials and way of producing very carefully. We also work with organisations who achieve to change the lives of people with a disability or who experience a distance to the job market.  

Who or what is Babongo?
We borrowed the name Babongo from a native tribe to Gabon. Life of the Babongo is defined by ritual dance, singing and ceremonies. The Babongo live with nature and take good care of it, because they know they depend upon it. 

Feel welcome!

Nicole Blaak 

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